8 things you can do to make 2016 a GREAT year!

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The world in which we find ourselves is a result of countless consequences, decisions, coincidences and sometimes even fate. We can’t choose where we are born, but we can move. Somethings we need to learn to accept things however we also have the ability to change our lives in a multitude of ways.

I recently read an article in HuffPost about how people are leaving the corporate world in droves to create a new work-life for themselves as an entrepreneur. A number of my clients are first time entrepreneurs who have made the leap recently as they couldn’t find fulfilment in their corporate day job.

However being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. I have coached people in their transition from corporate to entrepreneur and for a few of them, during that process, it became evident to me that they were not suited to be an entrepreneur. They were intelligent, hardworking and great problem solvers. However at the crux they liked the security of a regular income. This was a deal breaker for them and shortly they returned to a job.

It is important to be honest with yourself, know what you really like to do. We have more power to create the world in which we live than we realise. It isn’t easy and requires bravery and courage to do so but it can be done. May I suggest that at this time of year when we all have a little more time up our sleeves that you do a stock take of your previous year and see how you are travelling. Below are some questions for you to take the time to answer and see where it takes you.

You might find yourself on the path to where you would like to be. Or you might find yourself somewhere you didn’t think you would be or there may be aspects of your world that you would like tweak. Either way, self-reflection will allow you to have a true reality check of your life, work and more and to ensure that you are living the life that you envisage for yourself. 2016 can be a great year, but it is up to you whether or not that is the case.

  • What makes you happy?
  • What are your key motivations (what would you jump out of bed to do every day)?
  • Your biggest wins – and what you have learned
  • Your failures – and what you have learned
  • Goals that you have achieved
  • Skills that you have acquired
  • New ideas that you have learned
  • Goals for 2016

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