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Are you ready to grow your business, get more profit and lead a more confident and meaningful life?

The focus of Launch Pod is to give you the tools to identify and build on your own unique strengths and values, develop your confidence and guide you in creating the life and business you envision. I want to grow you and your business. I want you to succeed. I work together with people like you: entrepreneurs and business owners that are driven, inspiring and have big ideas.

I provide you the framework you need to create a successful business. Through my various offerings including strategy, education, Pods and Coaching together we will create the business that you envision, make your ideas a reality, your business a success and create a more confident you.

By bringing clarity, confidence and making connections we can work with you to create the next chapter of success for your business.  We will focus on getting you into the right mindset to build your confidence, minimise the self-doubt inside your head and give you the clarity you need to define your business goals.

So start your journey now and connect, learn, grow and succeed together with me.

We believe you’ll enjoy working with us if you:

  • Want your business to succeed
  • Would like to create more profit
  • Create an accountability framework
  • Need strategies to success
  • Find ways to do things better
  • Would like to connect with like-minded people
  • Need to clarify your direction
  • Would like to become a more confident and successful business owner
  • Would like to grow your business and take it to the next stage
  • Have the desire to grow and develop yourself and your business
  • Would like to have a supportive network

The Mission

The goal of Launch Pod is to positively impact as many women around the world by empowering them and making their lives better by growing them as people, which in turn grows their business.  The economic empowerment of women is gaining momentum as it is being shown time and time again to be successful in creating real gender equality and meaningful change for women on a global scale. The key to changing the world is through gender equality by focusing on female entrepreneurship as one of the key avenues to success.

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