Being Vulnerable is a Strength and Will Grow You and Your Business


I watched Brene Brown’s talk again the other evening after a friend asked me to go with her to see her speak when she comes to Sydney in early March. Although I have seen both her TED talks numerous times, each time I watch them I get something different from it each and every time.

In light of where I am at the moment, I felt it spoke to me about some very important key themes that I wanted to share with you.

1. Connection. At the core of human existence we want connection. No matter the relationship, whether that is with a customer, a client, a friend, our partner or our child – we all seek connection with the other at various levels.

2. Blockage to Connection. Brene Brown’s research shows us that the main blockage to connection is shame and fear. The belief that we are not worthy of that said connection. That we are not good enough, smart enough, knowledgeable enough…insert whatever your fear is and that is what is stopping us from connecting with those around us.

3. Worthy. Those that have connection with those around them have been shown to have a common trait that they believe that they are worthy of that connection. This self belief or as I see it, self-worth, means that we give our selves permission to connect because we are good enough, smart enough, knowledgeable enough. That we are enough: a measurement that we have set for ourselves.

4. Authenticity. In order to be the authentic version of yourself you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable, imperfect and embrace the essence of you. Those that display authenticity and vulnerability have daily courage to speak the truth that is in their heart. Being who they believe they are not who they should be. When we live to other people’s expectations we are not living a true authentic life that in turn creates a blockage to connection. So if you are trying to build a community, customer base or tribe maybe one of the fundamental issues here is you…are you being truly authentic, vulnerable and honest. You are allowing people to connect with you. This is VERY hard to do but the benefits far outweigh our fears…easier said than done but definitely a courageous one.

5. Innovation, creativity and change. The birthplace of these things that so many of us seek in our businesses (and lives for that matter) is vulnerability. The ability to dig deep, take away all the fluff and see the raw truth. It is there in that uncomfortable place, out of our comfort zones where we feel exposed and vulnerable real change, creativity and innovation takes place.

6. Myth Busting. There is a dangerous myth that vulnerability is a weakness. Brene Brown (and I completely concur with her) says that vulnerability is an act of courage and bravery, something that requires strength to achieve. So when we have failures these are lessons to show us what not to do next time and put us on our path towards achieving our goals and achieving success. We need to make a mindset shift on how we see vulnerability and embrace it wholeheartedly.

Below are her two TED talks that she is most well known for … if you haven’t seen it or not watched it for a while I encourage you to do so…it will change your business and possibly your life.

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