Channeling our impatient energy for good not evil

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I know that sounds dramatic but I don’t mean to be. The truth since writing my blog about active patience it has become a conversation with a number of my clients and it is something that I am still working on myself in my own world.

The reason that it continues to come up in conversation is about the challenge that many people face when they are on a path to reach a goal, start or run a business. The frustration of how slow things can get challenges us. What do I mean by this?

As a start up, things take time. From testing your product to making it right to go to market, to getting clients (and then more clients) to creating a meaningful digital footprint. Everything good takes times. But if you are like me and have a burning ambition to succeed in your business and life, then you would like things to happen and you would like to happen if not now but very soon (please).

But that is not how things work…don’t we all know it.

So what can we do?

We have a choice. I see impatience as an energy source fuelled by our desire and passion to succeed in said goal (business, specific goal and so on). So I would like to suggest something…if you can view your impatience as an energy source then you can channel it. It has 2 directions.

1. That you become frustrated by the limitations that you see before you. Your frustration turns to annoyance which then turns to inaction. You may talk about it with many people. You may possibly even think about it all the time. But in essence no real action is taken.

2. The second is the direction that I choose to take and coach many of my clients through as well. That is to implement active patience. But it is more than just that, it is about knowing that one of a number of things could be taking place:

  • Natural progression: it is important to recognise that some things just take time. This acceptance minimises frustrations. We live in an instant gratification society so if things don’t happen immediately we question them.
  • Locus of Influence: It is the awareness that there are somethings that we don’t have control over and we need to accept it. However of the things we do have influence we should be aware of what they are and do what we can to influence in them.
  • It’s OK to push. I am not suggesting that we throw our hands in the air and stop trying. But there is a difference between living in a state of frustration and annoyance and using that energy to keep motivating us to keep persevering forward.

It is the last point that is essential. It accepts a reality but doesn’t stop us from moving forward. We don’t use it as an excuse to stop the momentum of our journey but rather as an opportunity for reflection and self-awareness. If we allow frustration and annoyance to drive us we will most certainly fail…excuses will arise and reasons for not achieving our goals.

However by channeling our impatience towards a deeper understanding of our situation, to keep us moving even if it is one step at a time, we are using this energy to propel us toward our success rather than it being an obstacle to them.

How do you channel your impatience towards success in business and in life?

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