Do you stalk or politely persist? Making the right connections!

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At what point does chasing someone up become stalker-like behaviour? In business you need to hustle. Things don’t just magically happen, you make them happen. Networking, meetings, emails, phone calls and so on are daily touch points for any entrepreneur and business owner. But most people (if any) are not just sitting there waiting for your call. In fact quite the opposite, so often you meet someone and they say, yes let’s connect but when you reach out, often there is little or no response.

There is a term that I made up called Polite Persistence (a friend recently told me her version is to lurk with intent…love it!!!!). Polite persistence is all about giving yourself permission to make contact with said person on regular occasion via the many various forms of communication that we have available to us.

When reaching out most people get dismayed by the first ‘rejection’ but as anyone in sales will tell you, you need 8 touch points before someone will do business with you. So you need to connect, meet a number of times – so when a call isn’t returned or email replied to, don’t give up. Keep trying. But be polite about it. Don’t get all “well who do you think you are to not return my call” or even worse “don’t you know who I am” – neither will serve you well.

If you take a step back and think about your life and I can guarantee it is very full of meetings, problem solving, strategy, phone calls, emails and much much more. The sphere of reference here is that when you reach out to someone there is a lot of noise to compete with…so keep at it and eventually you will be repaid even if it is just a phone call or email, it is a step in the right direction.

But there is a fine balance that in this equation. On one hand you don’t want to push too hard as you may come across as a stalker but at the same time sitting around for the universe to manifest your greatest intentions is not enough either. Each of us have our own fine balance however I err on the side of polite persistence…too many give up after one or two rejections.

One trick that I do is I keep a note everyone that I am wishing to connect with, the purpose of wanting to connect (sales, networking, mentor etc), and prioritise them in the scheme of things. This assists to guide me to how much do I wish to polite persist after someone. If they are important, then I keep going – get creative – maybe I know someone who could re-introduce us (LinkedIn is great for that) or alternatively I recognise that although I would like to connect, clearly they don’t and I let it go.

A number of you have taken up my offer of a free 45 minute discovery call – some have become clients others we stay connected in a network, one I am even doing a project together with them – so open yourself to see where this can take you. Do you find you give up too easily or try to hard to connect with people – let’s have a chat and find your fine balance. Click here to book. This is a real coaching session, not a sales pitch.

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