Everything is a matter of perspective

Gathering all the information she needs

There is the very well known example about perspective in relation to a glass of water; if you are a pessimist then you see the glass half empty; if you are an optimist then you see the glass half full; and third perspective may be that there is water up to a certain line. All are a matter of perspective.

This analogy is very powerful as it reflects that in business and in life when events happen we internalise it and create an internal dialogue, attributing values and judgement. All a normal process and one that is automatic. However I would like to suggest that we create an awareness about this process especially when dealing with more complex or challenging situations.

Why should I do this? I hear you ask, Mainly because it provides us with the opportunity to fully understand a situation, which means being able to look at it from a number of perspectives and subsequently create numerous solutions.

Being able to see things from multiple perspectives also gives us the ability to have more empathy in our relationships, in that we are able to see things from anther angle. Especially when it comes to understanding our customer’s needs and perspectives – this means that we can serve and deliver to them an even better product, service or customer experience.

Self-awareness and openness can lead to a more fulfilling business and personal life. Being open means more opportunity, which always leads to more success.

Innately I am a deeply positive person who seeks a half glass full approach to almost everything…annoyingly so for some…I promise it is not an act or falseness as I also experience negativity and sadness. However my ability to see positivity and opportunity reflects my open mindset. This mindset, also known as a Growth Mindset, as discussed by Carol Dweck in her book Mindset, means that there is flexibility and an openness to situations and solutions. Conversely, a fixed mindset she suggests means that we are closed to various opportunities and solutions. Those with growth mindsets tend to be more successful in business but all is not lost, as Dweck suggests that we can shift our mindset.

To support this is the world of neuroplasticity, which says that we can change the way, we think and how our brain even functions.

But it all starts with an awareness of where we are and desire to want to change.

It can be a hard journey but a fulfilling one.

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