Facebook Live… tried and tested – what I learnt

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Last night was my first Facebook Live event.  It is an exciting new functionality of Facebook that is essentially a live stream or webinar to whomever is watching at the time (hence the term ‘Live’) but it can also be recorded and then shared again.

These days, much of social media is leaning towards video content, especially on Facebook.  And for those of you who are using social media for business know that connecting with your community is essential to building trust with them, building your brand and presence. Facebook Live is a great enabler to producing your own content, for free.  It also can be done as an event where you promote to your community (and beyond).

So what did I learn from my experience last night?

Test. Our amazing head of marketing @FlexCareers, Lauren Hill, created a private Facebook group for me to go and test this feature out. This was our second go at FB Live, here is our first foray into this new media. It can only be done on a phone or tablet not on your laptop or PC (yet), but the whole point is that it is more casual and on the go.  Keeping your hand steady is helpful.

Be natural.  I know that sounds corny but this is not a major production, it is about having a chat with your people – connecting with them one on one.  So no scripts, talk from your heart.  Be authentic and you.  Was I nervous?  Sure.  It was a first for me and that always makes one apprehensive of the unknown, but I will definitely be doing it again.  I visualised that I was talking to a friend.

Lights, Camera, Action.  I know I just wrote that this is not a professional production but it is worth checking:

  • Background – does it look good?
  • Clothing – if you are doing this for a work purpose – think about what image do you want to present
  • Lighting – any big shadows?  No really, you want to put your best foot forward so make sure that lighting is your friend
  • Positioning – try to have the angle of your phone a little higher than you, always more flattering

Have fun.  Although it can be nerve wrecking to do a video, especially with it being live, however no-one is expecting this to Oscar level stuff.  Be yourself, have fun and enjoy the platform and what it has to offer.

In researching for my session I came across Live Map, which is a link to all the active Live sessions in real time anywhere in the world.  This is fascinating to me as I often think about what is going on in another part of the world, right now…and here is the answer.  I also found some additional useful tips on the FB page.
So go forth, play, have fun and give it a go!




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