Go On and Grow Program

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Are you ready to grow you
and your business?

We all want our businesses to be successful.

I want YOU to be successful!

To have success that provides the financial ability to create the life that we envision for ourselves, and the ones we love.

But many businesses fail.

The main reason is not due to lack of knowledge, passion or ability. We get in our own way and stop ourselves from succeeding. This can manifest itself in the following ways:

* Lack of clarity​

* Not having goals

* Not having strategies to achieve goals

* Lack of confidence or self-belief

* Fear​

Let me ask you this ... Have you ever found yourself saying any of these?

"I can’t do that"

"When are they going to find out that I am not as good as they think I am?"

"I don’t know what my next step is"

"Who is going to want my product/ service?"

"Who is going to pay me the amount of money for my product/ service?"

"Who am I to achieve that level of success?"

"Why would I succeed when my competition are already so well established and successful?"

"What happens if my business really succeeds? How do I grow and manage people?"

Don't feel ashamed if you have ...

All that makes you is normal!

BUT that doesn't mean you have to stay here either. These are all fear-based thoughts, and we all have them. But they can undermine our ability to succeed. They create obstacles and reasons why we shouldn’t push through and create strategies to overcome them.

No matter how strong your motivations to succeed are - getting out of this endless cycle of fear based thoughts can be difficult

That's where I come in!

Introducing ...
The Go On and Grow Program

The Go On and Grow Program is not a business course or self-help course.

It will provide you with the strategies to create the solid foundation you need to take the next step in your business by creating clarity around your goals, giving you the confidence to achieve them and increasing your self-awareness.

There are many great programs out there but through the Go On and Grow Program you will be given the tools to create the right mindset to reach achieve your goals and increase profit.

So if you resonate with any of the following then this program is perfect for you:

  • You are doing OK in your business but not sure what the next step is to grow your business?
  • You seem to work day and night but not making enough profit?
  • Do you have a business idea but not sure what the next step?
  • You achieved all your goals and now you are about to expand your business but you are not sure what it means to lead people?
  • You want to take your business overseas but not sure how to go about it?
Kirsten Satsuma

During my experience Launch Pod I found myself looking forward to each session more and more. The support I received and the ability to brainstorm with other members of the community invaluable. As was the opportunity to help others through this process. I also loved the pods where this experience was taken even further.

Biba Biba Design Studio

Launch Pod has not only given me personally a new inspired direction but my business the tools to grow & be a happy success. I would without doubt recommend Natalie to anyone looking to achieve their dreams no matter their size, to be excited about the future & career potential is a wonderful thing!

Natalie Bird and Knoll

Launch Pod provided me with a network with multi-level support that any young and growing business needs. I felt that I received that extra support that really made all the difference in achieving my goals in my business.

In this course you will be provided with:

The Toolkit for Business Success

Tools and strategies to build your internal foundation around mindset, confidence and self-awareness

8 Weeks of Action Orientated Content to Move You Forward!

Each weeks content is specifically designed to build on the weeks before and you will be able to work self-paced through each week.

A Supportive Network of Like-minded Women Business Owners

You are not in this alone! There is not only a private Facebook group to connect and support all participants, you will be given the opportunity meet up online with everyone to check in and touch base to see how you are going.

The Keys to Unlock Personal and Financial success in Your Business and Beyond!

Imagine walking away with increased self confidence, a renewed drive towards the goals you truly want to achieve and a higher level of self awareness and discipline to get you where you want to go! It's all possible.

This is an 8-week interactive self-paced online program that provides you with tools and strategies to build your internal foundation around mindset, confidence and self-awareness so that you and your business flourish and achieve great personal and financial success.

You will walk away with the tools and strategies you need to achieve:

  • More confidence to reach your goals
  • Effective and clear communication
  • Reducing your self-doubt & limiting beliefs
  • Understanding your strengths
  • Clarity and purpose for you and your business
  • Daily disciplines for increased effectiveness
  • Influence and Persuasion, and
  • a Higher level of self-awareness

What is Covered in The Course?

By completing the Go On and Grow Program you will walk away with multiple strategies, tools and templates to overcome the internal obstacles that are limiting your success.

What does that mean? It means you'll be able to confidently and purposefully ​break through the blocks that are currently holding you back and instead get you on the right track - the track of great business success

Click the Weeks to reveal more information on what is covered

WEEK 1: By the end of the week you will have a clear framework on how to make the most out of the program

WEEK 2: By the end of the week you will have the tools to create an open mindset to grow your business

WEEK 3: By the end of the week you will have the strategies you need to build your confidence to live fearlessly and achieve your business goals

WEEK 4: By the end of the week you will gain the clarity you need to focus and plan to achieve your goals

WEEK 5: Catch up week! Time to review and talk it through with the Go On and Grow community  

WEEK 6: By the end of the week you will learn the key strategies for success through self-leadership

WEEK 7: By the end of the week you will understand your key motivators to blast your way to the top

WEEK 8: By the end of the week you will learn how to master the power of language

Support and Network

Once you have enrolled you will have joined the community of learners and your support will commence immediately. You will have access via online forums and our private Facebook group to connect, share and grow with fellow program participants.

The community is encouraged to support one another and to encourage success in each of our businesses. This can be achieved through sharing, providing advice, and providing leads and referrals.

We encourage each of you to share your services and products within the community, what better way than to share with those that want you to succeed! Try to not make your post like a sales page but do feel free to let us know what you are about and how you can help your fellow community members.

Furthermore you will have access to my team and I at Launch Pod to answer any questions that you may have before, during or after the program. Send me a line to natalie@thelaunchpod.com

Tracey Live Love Learn

My experience with Natalie has had such a positive experience in all aspects of my business and my life. My confidence and self-belief have grown as a result of my interactions with Launch Pod and subsequently grown my business considerably. I cannot recommend Natalie enough.

Jacqueline Wise Stress Mastery

Thanks Natalie, your enthusiasm is really encouraging. It’s nice to be taken seriously—you listen attentively and review my responses thoughtfully. You help with new insights, clarifying questions and useful information. I find I’m taking myself and my business more seriously and I feel motivated and directed. The process is working: I have a detailed plan for the year. I may not be quite keeping up with the timeframes I set but I’m sure to accomplish a whole lot more with you on my side. Your combination of nous and experience, as well as your gentle but firm manner, are a winner for me.

Maria Vitamin L

Be it moral support, strategy and business knowledge or tools for growing my business, Launch Pod has it all.

So, Who is Natalie and What is Launch Pod?

Hi, my name is Natalie Goldman and I am the Founder and CEO of Launch Pod.

I established Launch Pod after recognising that I wanted to do more with my life, impact more women positively and give back. After much soul searching, reflecting and a trip to New York, I realised that the magic equation lay in bringing together my passion with my capability and so Launch Pod was born.

My Passion

I have many however in relation to Launch Pod, I believe in making this world a better place for women. I have seen time and time again the potential of women being undermined by their lack of confidence, self-belief and self-worth.

One avenue that has been shown to improve all of that whilst giving financial freedom and more is through female entrepreneurship. That is why I focus my passion on this space. It is the lynchpin that will change the direction of women’s rights going into the future and will change the path for future generations, starting with my children and their generation.

My Capability

I have over 20 years experience in adult learning, coaching, training, psychology and professional development in a variety of business environments. I understand how people learn, what stops them and how to bring the best out of you. I have trained and coached thousands of people and love positively impacting the lives of so many.

​The ethos of Launch Pod reflects my desire to make a difference as well as the understanding that being your own boss gives you control, power and freedom. I created the Go On and Grow Program to share the valuable knowledge that I have gathered over the last 20 years with you so that you can succeed in your business.

​I look forward to seeing you on the Program!

Your Investment

​Get in now before the Early Bird deal ends!


Pay in Full

$698 AUD

Payment Plan

2 x $349 AUD


Pay in Full

$798 AUD

Payment Plan

2 x $399 AUD


How Much Time Do I Need To Commit To Do The Program?

You will need to commit 3-4 hours per week. As the program is self-paced it means you can experience it in whatever format suits you from a little each day to all at once. Ideally spreading it out maximises your learning experience however your needs will change to week depending on what is going on your life.

Be committed – schedule the time to ensure that you make your learning experience count. Like anything, the more that you put in the more that you will get out of it and the Program is no different.

I Don’t Have a Business Idea Yet But Know I Want To Be An Entrepreneur, Can I Still Benefit From The Program?

No matter what stage you are in the entrepreneurial cycle you will benefit from this program as it is as much focused on growing both you and your business. By solidifying your foundation of mindset, confidence and self-belief you will and your business will benefit in a multitude of ways.

Anyone that is an entrepreneur (new or experienced) or even someone who wants to become one. The strategies and tools of the Program are life skills that will benefit all.

What If Now Is Not The Right Time For Me, When Will The Program Be Offered Again?

The Program will be offered twice a year. So if now is not the right time you can wait until next March 2016. But what are you waiting for? Do you want to grow a successful profitable business? Why not now?

What Type Of Support Will I Get Through The Program?

My team and myself are here to support you throughout the program. If you have any questions contact natalie@thelaunchpod.com.

You will also have each other through the forums and our private Facebook page. We encourage you to connect and support each other through the program and beyond. Beyond the Program, I offer the Pods and coaching as well.

What Happens At The End of The Course?

You will still remain connected with the group and we encourage you to stay in touch and support each other. Some of you may want to continue that in a more formal setting which is why we are offering special Pods related to the program.

What are Pods? Pods are groups of 3-5 female entrepreneurs that come together once a month for 2 hours and follow a structured 12-month program. They can be run face-to-face or online. In order to maximise the open and supportive nature of the Pods, I ensure that there is only one person from a specific industry represented in the Pod. Competition is natural and healthy however within the safe environment of the Pod this can limit how much you feel comfortable sharing.

The Pods are a great opportunity to keep the momentum you will have generated on the Program to implement your key ideas and supporting you through the embedding process. This all takes time but we will be there to support you. The Pods are also a great source of accountability to ensure that you stay on track.

I'll be discussing the opportunity to join a Pod during this course however please know you are not obligated to do so and it will not in any way effect your ability to learn and fully implement this course!