How much control do we have in our success, really?

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Socrates famously once said, “An unexamined life is not worth living”. And as I edge ever closer to a milestone birthday I am in active self-reflection mode. There are many themes that I reflect upon in my life however one of them seems to come up in conversations with a number of my clients as well. How much of our life is fait accompli? Meaning the universe has bigger plans for us? And how much control do we have over what happens to us day-to-day, self-determinism?

In business we like to think that we have complete control over our destiny. We work tirelessly, long hours, day in day out. Sometimes there is success. Sometimes there is not. When there is success we ride high on the wave of energy that carries us. However when presented with failure we either reflect or run and hide. Reflecting at this time is healthy, to learn what not to do next time. I would also like to suggest that it is good to also reflect in times of success for 2 key reasons.

1. To keep us grounded so that we don’t lose ourselves

2. To understand the factors that brought us that success

When speaking with clients about their times of success (as well as reflected upon my own times of success) it is clear that luck and timing often have apart to play.

And here in lies the challenge.

How much of what happens to us in our business (and in life for that matter) is due to our tireless hard work and how much is luck (or the greater universal plan)?

I believe it is a combination self-determinism that sits within the greater universal plan. As humans we have the power of free will. We can choose whether or not to set a meeting or to initiate an idea and set it in motion. However sometimes there are things that are just bigger than us. And as I wrote in my blog last week on Active Patience …sometimes we need to wait for things to naturally unfold.

What this means to me is that there is a time to push, and push hard to make things happen and there are times to sit back and let things take their course and the balance comes from knowing when to do which. In some situations we have more control than we allow ourselves to believe have whilst in others we are riding the wave of the greater universal plan. Sometimes I like jumping off my board and swimming (my free will) but I will still get carried along in the current.

Happy reflecting.

Do you believe in complete self-determinism, accept that life has a plan for you or like me balance between the two?

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