It’s Been A Busy Year. What I Don’t Like About This Statement.


December is upon us and the race to the end of the year is on. Or so it seems. Each year is the same. When I ask people how they are, some of the common responses are:

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone

It’s crazy busy!

Wrapping up the year.

Where has the year gone?

With a number of my clients that have product-based businesses they particularly busy especially the retail focused ones to fulfil Christmas orders. However for those that are service-based, they too feel panicked by the impending toll of the bell of the end of the year. I question this crazy rush to the end of the year. At this point I am excluding those that are clearly rushed off their feet fulfilling orders (i.e. clients with product based businesses)…however many of us unconsciously fall into this mad race to the end of the year.

I question a few parts.

  1. The unconscious part: we should never blindly follow nor accept anything. Always question. Set your own path and rhythm. What is going on in your business and what needs to happen to meet your client’s needs? If they need you more at this time of year then meet them but don’t create a craziness just because people around you have entered the silly season.
  1. The race to the end of the year. Unless you have a deadline of some kind don’t create a false deadline because that is what everyone else is doing. Most of my clients are small businesses and most of us don’t have the luxury of a proper holiday. I don’t suggest you shouldn’t switch off, regenerate and be with friends and family…however things don’t really stop for small business owners…so why race? Yes meet your client needs but don’t try to do EVERYTHING by 24th December as it is the done thing…. we go on working on in January and so on…it doesn’t really stop so why push yourself with false deadlines?
  1. Busy…I really don’t like the word busy. It is a word that to me suggests that one does many things but on a superficial and non-meaningful level. Like a bee, buzzing from flower to flower…not stopping, not reflecting, not being present or mindful of the now. When I ask my clients how they are, often they will respond with: I am so busy. I will challenge that statement: a lot of action doesn’t often translate into sales or more importantly profit. It’s about quality not quantity.

Doing many things makes us feel productive, however the true measure is how effective and profitable have those actions been?

So in the lead up to the end of the year…stop and think:

  • What are your priorities?
  • What goals would you like to achieve?
  • Are you busy or are you productive?
  • Stay present and conscious of you and your businesses needs.


What is your current state of mind are you busy or present?


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