No Goals? It’s like driving without a destination

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Why do I feel like I am doing so much but getting nowhere? Why do I miss so many deadlines? Why can’t I keep the deadlines that I create for myself? I feel like I am not achieving anything.

Do you ever say this to yourself? At some point, no matter how organised we are there are times when we feel the overwhelm. Things seem out of our control and our goals are a far away dream.

Many of my clients have expressed these thoughts to me…I have had these thoughts. Starting up your own business and running it solo is hard work. You have to do EVERYTHING! It’s no wonder we get off track, lose sight of your goals and feel the overwhelm. But there is a solution…I will share with you below a number of techniques that have worked for my clients and me.

In this week’s blog I would like to focus on GOALS…there are other techniques but this is the big one.

Set Goals. Often we feel the overwhelm as we have so much going on. So you need to have clear goals on what you want to achieve, whether that be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual goals. Without goals – you won’t know if you have achieved anything or not.

Set CLEAR Goals. The SMART technique is one way to help create clear goals. Lets look at it. SMART stands for:

Specific – make sure your goals is as specific as possible
Measurable – you need to be able to measure the success of your goal, make it quantifiable
Achievable – I am all for stretch targets but there is something to be said for attainable goals. By achieving them you get a buzz and increase your confidence…then you go and stretch yourself
Realistic – your goals need to be realistic
Timely – have a deadline or a timeframe associated with your goals

This is an oldie but a goodie and hasn’t failed me yet.

If you want to get super smart try the SMARTER technique. The first part is the same, but then add:

Evaluate – how did you go? Did you achieve your goal? If Yes, great. If no, what would you differently next time?
Repeat: Once you know what works, repeat the process again.

Break it Down. Now that you have goals it is important to break them down into bite sized chunks. So small that you know what you will doing each day. Ideally plan the night before what you will be focusing on so you don’t get distracted.

Go Public. Share with people some of your big goals. Once they are out there, you feel more commitment to actually achieving them.

Join The Accountability Club. This is part of Launch Pod and it is a free monthly online meet up and you are all welcome to come join. The Accountability Club looks to support you by providing the structure you need to stay on track, whilst connecting you with some great female entrepreneurs.

At each session we:
• Identify key obstacles from keeping commitments
• Strategies on how to stay on track
• Share ideas and experiences
• Make commitments
• Resources: I will share with you the Accountability Buddy resource

So come along and register for the next session on Thursday 6th August at 8.30pm (AEST). It would be great to have you there,

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