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Hear how I have worked with other business owners to grow them and their businesses.

During my experience Launch Pod I found myself looking forward to my Pod sessions more and more. The support I received and the ability to brainstorm with other members of my Pod has been invaluable. As was the opportunity to help others through this process.
Kirsten |

Launch Pod has not only given me personally a new inspired direction but my business the tools to grow & be a happy success. I would without doubt recommend Natalie’s Launch Pod to anyone looking to achieve their dreams no matter their size, to be excited about the future & career potential is a wonderful thing!
Biba |
Biba Design Studio

Thanks Natalie, your enthusiasm is really encouraging. It’s nice to be taken seriously—you listen attentively and review my responses thoughtfully. You help with new insights, clarifying questions and useful information. I find I’m taking myself and my business more seriously and I feel motivated and directed. The process is working: I have a detailed plan for the year. I may not be quite keeping up with the timeframes I set but I’m sure to accomplish a whole lot more with you on my side. I love the balance you strike between a structured approach (emailing questions to prepare and templates to complete, etc) and a flexible, organic process where we focus on business areas of need and interest as they arise form discussion. Your combination of nous and experience, as well as your gentle but firm manner, are a winner for me.
Jacqueline |
Wise Stress Mastery

Launch Pod provided me with a network with multi-level support that any young and growing business needs. I felt that I received that extra support that really made all the difference in achieving my goals in my business.
Natalie |
Bird and Knoll

My experience with Natalie has had such a positive experience in all aspects of my business and my life. My confidence and self-belief have grown as a result of my interactions with Launch Pod and subsequently grown my business considerably. I cannot recommend Natalie enough.
Tracey |
Live Love Learn

Be it moral support, strategy and business knowledge or tools for growing my business, Launch Pod has it all
Marla |
Vitamin L