The fastest way to achieve success in 5 easy steps


I bet that caught your attention. The truth is this post is more about how to really achieve success in a robust meaningful way rather than in the fastest way.

But on that…why do we always look for quick fixes? Why is fastest the best? It seems that we all get caught up in trying to do what ever we need to do the fastest way possible. The truth is, nothing that will bring you true success, great wealth and an authentic life will come from anything that is fast.

Yet still as human beings we are psychologically pre-disposed to move out of situations that are uncomfortable so fast solutions and quick fixes connects with us on that level. Yet at the same time, we really know that when in start up mode you are not going to hit 6 figures in 90 days or whatever tripe the next post you read will tell you to do.

Here are 5 tips to bring you sustained, robust and meaningful success into your business.

1. Clarity on purpose – what is the pain that you are trying to solve with your customer? Is the pain real or is it in your mind – have you done real market research or just observations amongst your friends (which is a great place to start but then have you expanded your circle to other potential customers). In addition to this, why? Why do you want to do this? Are you prepared to work day and night for years to make your dream a reality?

2. Goals. You need to know what you are working towards in order to know whether or not you are successful. These goals need to include financial as well time targets. Be bold, aim high and stretch yourself. Importantly be sure to measure how you are travelling and also have rewards set out for you when you achieve them.

3. Take care of yourself. This is not a sprint but a marathon and you need to be able to maintain high performance over a long period of time. Be sure to sleep well (8 hours a night), drink water, exercise and eat well. If you are sleep deprived and continually unwell how can you be performing at your peak.

4. Clarity of mind. It all starts with your mindset. Being open will allow for you to be your most creative and see the opportunities that others can’t. You will allow and expect failure, if not welcome it to enable you to grow and learn. Meditation will assist you with giving you mental space and clarity that sets the stage for greater achievements.

5. Focus. Now you are ready to go…you are clear on what you need to achieve but life is not simple, distractions will come daily, hourly, even every minute (think social media) so keeping your eye on the prize and staying focused will help you prioritise what is important (and what isn’t) and how you can best use your time.


What’s your story?

I would love to know more about you, what are your struggles and successes as an entrepreneur. If you give me 15 minutes of your time, I will repay you with a free 45 minute coaching session – no strings attached. It is to say thank you for you time. The purpose of my research is to ensure that I am delivering the best possible services to you. To share with me your thoughts, click here – I can’t wait to hear about your journey so far and what you have learnt.

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