There is something else that I would like to share with you: how to create a moment of clarity (Part 2)


In last week’s blog I shared with you an event in my life where I had a moment of clarity that propelled me into action.

What we are talking about here, is about being out of our comfort zone…this is an interesting concept. We do so much in our lives to do anything we can to create comfort and convenience…yes it might feel good temporarily (such as food) or the ability to do something easier however when you think about when are you at your best or your peak?

Most of us when we are pushed out of our comfort zone do things that we would normally not imagine.

I am not suggesting going and living in the jungle in a tin shed with no mod-cons or anything that extreme, however I would like to pose to you – isn’t it strange that if we are at our most creative, have the most flow and have the most amount of clarity when we are out of our comfort zones yet we spend so much time, energy and money to keep us in them?

Why? Well, although there are many positive benefits of being outside of our comfort-zones, it is uncomfortable. It is hard. It is challenging. We don’t like that. In business we call that a ‘pain point’ and as entrepreneurs we try to find ways to take pain points away for our customers. However, as entrepreneurs I would like to suggest rather than finding ways to take away our own pain points I would like to ask what if you spent time finding ways to get yourself out of your comfort zone – regularly.

So how can we push ourselves consciously out of our comfort zones so that we have more true moments of clarity, creativity and innovation?

Face your Fears. Write down a list things that you have been putting off because of your fears. So as a public act of commitment I am writing down something that is on my list for you to see and also for me to commit to:

Heights…starting with something broad…for those of you that know me, I hear you laughing, why, because I am 6ft 1in (and yes I wear heals on top of that)…not afraid of being tall but heights – YES!
My Commitment: By the end of 2015 I will climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Please note that they don’t need to be directly linked to your business but it is about creating the right mindset.

Dream Big. There is a great quote, if your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough. To me this means that if you are comfortable you aren’t taking a big enough risk…so push yourself, stretch yourself. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Change of Scenery. If you see the same thing every day, mix it up. Sit somewhere else in your office or work from a café for a bit. A change helps us see things from a different perspective.

Change of Routine. Mix it up. Do you do the same thing every morning? So much so that you are doing things on autopilot. Try to do things in a different order. Go to the office a different way. Walk instead of drive. This will challenge your brain to stop and think…make you uncomfortable.

Mindfulness techniques. There are certain mindfulness techniques that you can do to enliven your brain. Try to brush your teeth with your other hand. Sit on the ground cross legged, uncross your legs and re-cross them the other way around – all these things that make us a tad uncomfortable but enough to trigger our mind to stop and think.

How else do you push yourself out of your comfort zone?

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