There is Something I Would Like To Share With You: A Moment of Clarity


Step right up…take the ride of your life…The Entrepreneur.

Why is it that the moment you get what you wanted you freak out?

You picture it, dream about it, work towards it and then when it actually happens you get completely freaked out – why? Because you are completely out of your comfort zone! And this, my friend is the ride of the Entrepreneur.

Personally I don’t like rides. Why? I don’t like heights or things that go fast. Life seems scary enough without putting myself through the “thrill” of feeling my life flash before more eyes. I have had enough of that through my own life experiences.

So a thrill seeker or adrenalin junkie I am not. But there is one ride that I love that I am not getting off anytime soon. That is the entrepreneur ride. Never in my life have I so consistently been out of my comfort zone, feel the pit of my stomach drop or feel the mental free fall – and I would do it over and over again. Initially it scares the **** out me, but then I let go, allow the feeling wash over me and the strangest thing happens…an energy bubbles up inside of me. An energy that propels me forward and upward, causes bursts of creativity and innovation. Some of my best ideas come at times like this. Initially I used to fear these moments. But then I realised that they are some of the best moments that we are given.

It is a brief period of clarity. A moment in time where it seems like time has been suspended and I am given an opportunity to really reflect, create and grow.

If you haven’t noticed I am literally in one of those moments right now, which is why I am writing this post on a flight home after being up close 20 hours straight and pounding the pavement from meeting to meeting.

Why did I want to share this post with you? There are moments in our life where the fluff seems to wash away and a moment of clarity comes to us. It is a joyous moment one that I wanted to share with you…to give you hope, to inspire you and get you through whatever you are going through right now.

So often we have a mountain of challenges that face us. But there are moments of clarity. It is so important to savior it. Enjoy it. And make the most of it.

You are not alone. You can change your life. You can make a difference. Just take the first step in the direction of the life and business you envision for yourself. That first step is the hardest but the most meaningful as well.

If you need a hand to hold…let me know…I am here for you – I will hold your hand…I want you to succeed.

In Part 2 of this blog, find out specific techniques on how to push ourselves consciously out of our comfort zones so that we have more true moments of clarity, creativity and innovation.

When did you last have a moment of clarity, one that propelled you into action?

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