What made me jump ship and how my inner voice said it would be OK

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Why do we do what we do? We all have reasons and motivations for our daily actions. But what about life-changing events, what motivates us to take a totally different path in our lives?

Well mine began with a trip to New York. A city that left me inspired by life itself. I spent a week with 2 of my oldest and closest friends, seeing so much art, culture, eating beautiful food, meeting interesting people and dancing almost every night until 4am. It was a heady cocktail of sensory stimulation that jump-started my life into a new direction.

Upon return to Sydney and life (that included a full time job, 2 kids, family life, friends and more) I realised that something had shifted in me. I was so inspired by New York and the potential in life I just knew that I had a different path to follow.

How did I know? I listened. I listed to the inner voice inside of me that said it was time to change gears, to jump ship from the way life existed but it also said “It would be OK”.

How did my inner voice know all of this?

Because our inner voice is our most purest form of us and we need to listen to it. It holds real truths. Have you ever had that feeling in you that you knew that something was/ wasn’t right? Some call it your gut instinct. But that is part of your inner voice. It is our internal guiding mechanism that helps us on our path.

How did my inner voice know that if I jumped ship from a secure corporate job that it would be OK? With a family and children one needs security – or that is what I thought I needed. In fact, upon reflection upon my desire to start Launch Pod, I was driven by making a difference in this world more than my need for security. I trust my inner voice. I had self-belief. I just knew.

But what happens when our inner voice is plagued with negativity and self-doubt? This is a natural part of the process. It is our inner voice telling us of any perceived risks. However as women, we are trained from your girls to be risk averse, to not take risks. Be safe. Be responsible. The problem arises when perceived risks stop us from going down the path of our dreams. So more than often than not we stop ourselves and say we can’t or shouldn’t take this risk.

Of course there are days where I have said to myself, who am I to do this? Who will buy my services/ product? This won’t work. But as soon as I hear these words of self-doubt I stop and reflect – where is it coming from? What is the perceived risk/ fear? Usually it motivated by true fear of the unknown, not succeeding, public failure. All natural – but by having a reality check allows me to keep moving through the doubt and back onto my path of success.

Our inner voice can either propel us forward towards our goals and dreams or stops us in our tracks and even put us down.

But we have a choice. We can choose to listen to our inner voice and allow ourselves to be propelled forward to the future we envisage or allow it to stop us from taking the leap at all. I am not suggesting we don’t listen when it tells us something negative. I am saying listen. Then reflect. Why is it telling you this? Don’t be ruled by it and don’t let it stop you – hear its message and be aware.

In short:
1. Trust yourself
2. Listen
3. Understand the message
4. Be aware
5. Don’t ignore the negative – just don’t let it stop you
6. Reflect

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