Where did my mojo go?

Do not give up

There are plenty of times when you feel like you have lost your mojo. Whether that is because of a disappointing outcome, negative feedback or just a general malaise. The cause is not so much the issue but rather how do you get your mojo back.

A client of mine was sharing with me recently how they had a really big win with their business. They had put so much work, energy and effort into making it happen. Once it did there was a natural high from the success followed by a release of the pressure which led to a massive come down off the natural high. She then went into a period of “recovery” she called it. It is not possible to sustain working at such a level she said, which is true. However this recovery period didn’t last a few days or a week, but over a month. By the time she came to me (at our first session) she confided that although she loves her business and normally not a procrastinator, she felt like she had lost her mojo.

So here are some of the ideas that we discussed to get her mojo back. Find out below whether or not it worked.

The BIG WHY. As Simon Sinek says, always start with the why. Why did you start this business? Go back to the beginning and really dig deep and find your motivators. By identifying this, it will help remind you why you get out of bed every day and give it your all.

Don’t Stop. The worst thing you can do at this point in time is stop working on your next goal, project and so on. By stopping you stop your general momentum. The more you do the more that happens, so even though you don’t feel like it, you still got to do it.

Walk it Out. Doing physical movement gives our brain the impression that we are moving and going somewhere. All forms of exercise create natural endorphins that will help you feel better about things.

Talk it Out. It is all about perspective and by talking with someone else they can provide you with advice or offer a new perspective on how get your mojo back.

Structure. If you are inclined to allow some down time to turn into longer than a little while and come into some serious procrastinating (you know if that’s you…who are you kidding)…well it is important to create a new rhythm and order in your day. Rather than being reactive to things around you create a structure so that you know what is going on. The momentum will carry you out of your malaise and bring you back your mojo – be disciplined!

Be Kind. Through it all be kind to yourself, not hard on yourself. There may be a bigger issue at play here so take the time to reflect and ask yourself why have you lost your mojo. What events occurred that took you to that point? Of those events, how much control do you have over them to ensure that it won’t happen again. i.e. what would you do differently next time. This reflection will allow you the analysis you need to take you through the next time you are presented with this situation, or ideally you were able to avoid it all together.

And, yes, she did find her mojo by gaining some new perspectives from her new Pod, and a number of trusted confidants, plus she reminded herself why she started her business as well.

Have you lost your mojo? How did you get it back?

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