Why can’t we keep commitments to ourselves?

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Why is it that when it comes to getting things done and completing tasks we will almost always completed those tasks for others before we do them for ourselves? We have great ideas, plans and strategies to achieve success in our businesses but when it comes to staying on track more than often we lose our way and are not completing the tasks we said we would do. We don’t get it done because something came up or whatever the reason was that we get distracted.

One of the main reasons that we will always focus on tasks that involve other people is that we don’t want to disappoint the person that we have committed to, but we let ourselves down time and time again. We put ourselves below other people as we don’t value ourselves as much. Our priorities get pushed down the to do list and sometimes even off it when we run out of time. We have this desire and need to please others so we will generally focus on the commitments made to others above ourselves. This needs to change. I am not suggesting we ignore our commitments to others but it is about being held accountable that if we make a commitment to someone else or ourselves, we uphold that.

So what can be done?

A Commitment is a Commitment: Whether you make a commitment to someone else or yourself you should value them equally and be ready to keep that commitment.

Be Realistic. When making a commitment is the timeframe and actual commitment itself achievable?

Prioritise. Not all commitments are equal. Be sure to give the true value of the commitment irrespective of whether you committed to doing it to yourself or to someone else.

The Accountability Club: Keeping yourself accountable can be hard and since so many of my clients have requested a group where they can go to keep themselves accountable – I have created it. This a free monthly online meet up where we get together to check-in with each other, keep each other on track and find new strategies to success.

Our next session is on Thursday 9th July at 9pm (AEST). To register, click here. It would be great to have you there, come give a try. Find out more The Accountability Club on the website.

What do you do to keep yourself accountable?

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