Why is the ‘done thing’ not OK: the power of perception

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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about letting go of what other people think and following your own path. Since then a follow on thought has been brewing in me and came to the fore in a conversation with one of my clients, Bianca. She was telling me of a situation in her business where there is an expectation to do things a certain way. I challenged her and asked why? Why is it done that way? She answered because it is the done thing. My red flags went waving madly…too often we do things without thinking. It’s easy. Everyone else is doing it. But is it the best way? Is it the way that works for you?

I continued asking a few questions…what came out of my questioning was that she felt that everything seemed to be working and going so well for her competitors (and everyone else for that matter) so wanted to follow suit. Being in the early days of her business (year 2) she still doesn’t feel the confidence to listen to her own voice. Furthermore, the power of perception is strong.

The perception of others is an interesting idea to me. I feel that our society has created a very good engine that feeds our insecurities. “Everyone else but me seems to be successful/ winning in business/ cruising through life [INSERT YOUR OWN]”. We assume that everything is easy for others but bloody hard for us.

The reality is we are all brilliant actors. Through Facebook, Insta and other social media – reality is distorted. Filters added. Perception of easy success is perpetuated.

If you were to scratch the surface of anyone around you right now, you would find that your perceived reality of their life would be far from the real reality of their life… Life is not easy. Starting a business is really hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is lying. Another client Eli recently told me that she is a 5 year overnight success. I have heard it before but still love it.

So the next time you are feeling challenged by forging your own path know that it won’t be easy, but we are all here to support you.  Come join the Launch Pod Facebook group.


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